make me choosenormaniac asked you: normila or laurmani

sourr-dispossition asked you: alren or laurmani

@dinahjane97: Biggie X Smalls 

Camila + colors

Q: What are the biggest misconceptions people have about your lives?

L: That we’re rich.

@AllyBrooke: Laughing is so contagious I swear


okay so i hit 2,000 followers last week yay!!!!! i didn’t know what to do and my friend suggested making an ff so here we are— anyways, these lovely blogs/blog owners are some of my favorites and i’d like to thank some of them for sacrificing their time to talk to me. also, i’d like to thank each and every person who follows me, thank you so much!! if i did not put your name in there i still probably like you so no biggie (:

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@dinahjane97: I’ve been sitting here watching a movie and It’s almost done! I swear mani has been in the shower for an hour & 58mins ??? @NormaniKordei 

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i put camaustins voices together !! 

Just cause everyone is doing it doesn’t mean you should too? Be a leader not a follower

make me choosenormaniac asked you: normila or laurmani

sourr-dispossition asked you: alren or laurmani


@LaurenJauregui I can barely walk from how much I danced/walked this weekend

make me chooseAnonymous asked you: laurnah or alren?